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UremaxNBPT 500

Highly Concentrated Composition of NBPT in Water Soluble Packaging 

O Uremax NBPT 500 is a technological innovation that presents 50% of NBPT in its formulation,
minimizing with agronomic efficiency the losses by ammonia volatilization when the urea is
applied at the soil.


Among the nitrogen-containing chemical compounds numbers, urea can be highlighted as the principal, containing 45 - 46% of nitrogen by weight.

The disadvantage of urea is the loss of N by 
NHvolatilization, when
applied at the soil.

Ø  Losses of N by  NH volatilization 

Urea is currently one of the most widely used compounds in the word, nevertheless, urea-based
compositions can lose up to 70% N by  
NHvolatilization when urea undergoes enzymatic hydrolysis.

The enzyme urease, responsible for the urea hydrolysis, is common in nature and is present in
microorganisms, plants and animals. Urease activity is higher in plants and residues than in soil,
so soils containing crop residues (no-till, areas managed with plant residues on the soil surface)
tend to have higher urease activity.  

Ø  Factors that interfere in the volatilization of N- urea:


Soil pH: At pH conditions close to or above 7.0, the hydroxyl content (OH-) is higher
and the equilibrium of the reaction is favored to the right, forming
NHwhich is volatile.

NH+ OH −  à NHH2O

      Soil Moisture: EIn dry soils, urea may remain stable, but the rate of hydrolysis increases as the
soil moisture content rises. The night dew can equal a precipitation of up to 0.5 mm
and can trigger the hydrolysis of the urea until the soil dries again.

     Temperature Elevation: The hydrolysis of urea increases with a rise in temperature up to 40°C.


 The NBPT molecule has the same configuration as the urea molecule, so the substrate (urea)
and the inhibitor (NBPT) compete for the urease enzyme.

Among the different known urease inhibitors, NBPT is the one with greatest efficacy.



ü  Sustainable product, without the addition of solvents and with rational use of natural resources.

ü  High concentration of product, with 50% of the active ingredient NBPT.

ü  Biodegradable, inert and water soluble packaging.

ü  There is no need to dispose of the packaging, since no IBC’s are used.

ü  Higher stability of active ingredient NBPT and the greater shelf life.

ü  Concentration guarantee.

ü  Best Cost x benefit in transportation and storage.



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