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PHYTOHUMUS® is a chemical solution which presents in its composition the Ascophylum nodosum extract, algae rich on phytohormones, carbohydrates, amino acids and nutrients that acts mainly as vegetable bio stimulants.

PHYTOHUMUS® acts in physiology and nutrition, enabling a better performance of plants and rapid establishment of the crop. The objective of this technology is to promote a rapid rooting, vigorous planting and efficiency in the absorption of nutrients (P, K and micronutrients).  


Phytohormones are organic compounds that act in very small doses and are the main internal factors regulating the developmental and growth reactions of plants. (TAIZ, Lincoln, ZEIGER, Eduardo. Fisiologia Vegetal, 3ed. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2004)

       Auxin (AIA)

        Cytokinins (Kinetin)


             Gibberilins (GA3)


Stimulants stem and root elongation, phototropism and geotropism, acts on fruits development, induces the formation of adventitious roots on cutting, inhibits leaf and fruit abscission.     


Affects root growth and differentiation. Stimulates cell division and growth, stimulates germination and flowering, and slows down aging. .    


THave dramatic effects on stretching the stems and leaves of intact plants through stimulation of both cell division and cell elongation.




NPK without treatment

NPK treated with 

ü  Better development of the root system with higher volume.

ü  Better use of fertilizer and soil nutrients.

ü  Better use of ground water and greater resistance to drought.

ü  Better plant start up (initial force)

ü  Excellent vegetative development, greater tillering, more lateral branches, etc.

ü  Greater resistance to lodging, stems and more vigorous branches.

ü  Better photosynthetic rate, more energy (carbohydrates).

ü  Higher productivity per hectare.

ü  Greater profit for the farmer.


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